Europe Tours

Backpacking through Europe is something everyone should do in their 20s before you settle into the grind of full-time work. And hey, if you’re already working hard, you probably deserve a break. There’s no better way to do that than with a Europe tour!

Get a taste for Europe on tour

No matter what Europe tour you settle on, you’re certain to have a rollicking good time. And at Universal Traveller, we have heaps of great value Europe tours. Whether you’re seeing Europe on a shoestring or in fancy Italian stilettos, we’ll get you the best deals on your Europe tour package.

There’s a few ways you can see Europe. Most first-timers want to experience as many countries as they can and see the popular destinations and famous landmarks. Contiki tours Europe all year round and is a great option for an introduction to all that Europe has to offer. Busabout is another great tour group option.

If you’d prefer to spend more time in certain European countries, Universal Traveller can sort that out too! There are stacks of Europe tour packages that offer more time in fewer countries. Most first-timers will seek out European tours that cover Western Europe and go to countries like Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. There’s so much art, culture, history and incredible food to experience. Especially the food!

But don’t forget Eastern Europe. Croatia is great for island hopping, Slovenia has awesome landscapes and the Czech Republic, Latvia and Poland have incredible architecture. The cityscapes there feel look like fairytale villages brought to life. And the food and people everywhere in Eastern Europe are also incredible!

For all the deets on what’s happening in Europe now and the lowdown on new Europe tours, call Universal Traveller. We’ve always got sweet deals on stacks of tours to Europe including Grand European tours. Whatever Europe tour you want, give Universal Traveller a call today on 1800 046 462 to discuss your itinerary.