Italy Tours

Italy. It’s pretty much the envy of every other country in the world. It’s the land of beautiful cars, beautiful landscapes, beautiful food and beautiful people. Italians are not just beautiful; they’re passionate too. Everything is done with such love and care. In Italy, romance isn’t just a matter of the heart. It’s in the food, the fashion, the art, the architecture – everywhere! Love to go? Universal Traveller has tours in Italy just waiting for you.

Fall in love with Italy

So, where to start your romantic tour of Italy? From the floating city of Venice in the north, of course. There are a range of Venice tours that’ll make the most of your time in this little treasure trove of art, architecture and festivals. Make sure your Venice tour includes a gondola ride on the Grand Canal!

Most Italian tours will also take you through the beautiful Tuscany region. There’s a range of Tuscany tours and tours within the historic and artistic city of Florence too. Both promise wonderful times for you and your stomach.

You can’t tour Italy without seeing Rome. In fact, you’d better throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain to ensure a return trip. Rome is such an incredible city with so much history and picturesque locations. Rome tours are a great option if you only have time to see one city in Italy. Or pair your Rome tour with a tour of the Vatican City. Even if you’re not religious, you should visit the microstate of Vatican City if only to see the Sistine Chapel.

There are heaps of other Italian tours worth checking out too such as Pompeii tours, Sicily tours, Amalfi Coast tours, Cinque Terre tours and so many more! Trafalgar tours Italy all year round too.

For all the goss on what’s happening in Italy now, the lowdown on the best Venice tours, Tuscany tours, Florence tours, Rome tours, Vatican City tours and many more, call Universal Traveller. We’ve always got sweet deals on stacks of Italy tours, so give us a call today on 1800 046 46.