Middle East Tours

The cradle of civilisation where the three towering monotheistic religions were established, the Middle East region offers a magnetic attraction for pilgrims and adventure seekers alike and with one of our Middle East tours, the region can be explored with ease with insider insights, ancient finds and centuries-old traditions to explore.

Middle East Tours & Trips

A varied and culture-rich region, a tour within the Middle East promises more adventure, culture and riches than your average Indiana Jones outing. From Israel and Palestine to Boasting the beautiful old town of Jerusalem as its centrepiece, Israel also features the sacred outcrop of Masada, a must-do float on the Dead Sea (camera at the ready!), the vibrant city of Tel Aviv and the Sea of Galilee where a certain carpenter’s son walked on water.

If you haven't brushed up on your ancient history, local guides will clue you in about all the significant sites and their fascinating folklore and facts. Alternatively, make your own last crusade and explore the impressive rock architecture at Petra in Jordan.

Mix up the pace with one of our Dubai tours in the United Arab Emirates where you can quite literally scale the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, before returning to sea level and lazing on a local beach. Or perhaps you'd prefer to go wadi bashing - carving up the undulating dry river beds and sand dunes in a 4WD? Not for the faint of heart. A camel ride across the desert is another way to get an insight into the nomadic Bedouin culture of the Emirates.

Our Middle East tours are a great way to experience the best of the region. Call us now on 1800 046 462 and chat with our experienced consultants today about our awesome tour options to the Middle East.