Vietnam Tours

Vietnam tours really are overflowing with natural beauty. Take Pongua Waterfall. This magnificent waterfall is located in mountain ranges more than 50 kilometres from Dalat. But, you’ll hear it long before you reach it. The 40 metre-high waterfall flows down onto a big lake, bellowing out a great noise and echo.

See the wonders of Vietnam

Another must-see sight is Son Doong or the Infinite Cave - the world’s largest cave with its own flowing river and its own forest. It’s like an underground world Stephen Spielberg created, but, it’s very real and very awesome. You won’t find it on Google maps though, as this giant cave is covered by jungle. Look into Vietnam tours that cover this awesome destination to get there.

And you can’t miss seeing the World Heritage-listed Halong Bay. In fact, book a Halong Bay tour to fully experience what the Vietnamese consider a wonder of the world. Halong Bay contains over 3,000 incredible limestone islands rising from the Gulf of Tonkin. Your Halong Bay tour will take in this tranquil bay and its magical grottos and caves including Dau Go, a massive cavern with stalactites and stalagmites that resemble animals.

If you want a city buzz, head to Ho Chi Minh City. It’s modern and bustling, but with countless links to the past including shrines and temples. You should definitely take a cruise along the Saigon. Boats really are the best way to tour Vietnam, and don’t forget the Mekong Delta and the floating markets!

There are also heaps of Vietnam cycling tours, which include equipment hire. Or maybe a motorbike’s more your thing? Well, you’re not alone. Motorbikes are the preferred mode of transport for locals and a super-cool way to tour around Vietnam. Nervous about Vietnamese traffic? There’s safety in numbers on a Vietnam motorcycle tour.

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